Silent War Over a Bus Window is Hilarious

This happened on a bus in Russia and kept going for well over 5-minutes!



A “SILLY” dispute between two bus passengers over whether to have the window open or closed turned into an epic passive-aggressive silent war — which lasted some four minutes.

Mobile phone footage captured the warring commuters wrangling with the window on the packed bus.




The man towards the rear of the bus initially shoves the window open but the woman closest to it quickly closes it. And this angry rally is repeated over and over — without either passenger saying a word to each other.

The determined commuters even resort to desperate tactics to win the battle in Nizhny Novgorod, West Russia. After several minutes, the man rests his hand on the window pane in a despairing ploy to stop his nemesis winning.




It’s unclear who actually won the showdown.

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