Corvette Driver Gets Face-Full Of Exhaust After Refusing To Let Truck Merge On Traffic

Big old Dodge truck tries to merge into traffic in front of a C5-generation Corvette. The ‘Vette driver seems hesitant to let the truck into the lane in front of him, so the Ram driver fills his cockpit with cancer.

What is being described as a case of “Road Rage Revenge” features a C5 Corvette driver who refused to allow the driver of a Dodge Ram pickup truck merges into his lane on a busy highway near Seattle. The video of the event has now gone viral and unfortunately does little to enhance the reputations of Corvette owners.

Corvette Driver Gives The Finger

We are not sure how long this “dispute” lasted, but it got to the point where the Corvette driver is shown to have put his window down for a “middle-finger” salute. That’s when the driver of the Ram truck moves just in front of the Corvette and revs its diesel engine. The result, known as “rolling coal”, sends a huge plume of billowing black smoke right at the Corvette driver’s opened window.

It takes about 10 seconds for the plume to dissipate and eventually the Corvette driver allows the Ram pickup to merge in front of him.

Face Full Of Smoke

That’s a quick way to get lung cancer.

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