Idiot Driver Stops In The Middle Of The Road, Causes 2 Trucks To Crash

We’ve seen plenty of dramatic and terrifying videos of car wrecks, but this one has to be one of the most fundamentally maddening and frustrating ones I’ve ever seen.

The driver of the white car (which may be a Peugeot 308 sedan? It’s hard to tell) missed their exit, so, instead of continuing to drive and get off at the next exit like any mammal more evolved than a vole would have the sense to do, this driver decides to stop right there in the middle of the highway and, you know, take a moment to ponder their options.

Incredibly, they also somehow manage to do this idiotic act is not just their own lane, but at an angle, right in the middle of the road so they’re effectively blocking both lanes.

Driver Causes Truck Crash

Both approaching truck drivers took some pretty heroic efforts to avoid hitting the car; the first truck manages to avoid the car with some quick reflexes, but the top-heavy truck just can’t deal with those kinds of maneuvers and topples. The other blue truck manages to stop in time, but only at the cost of jackknifing and rupturing a fuel tank.

Of course, after the two trucks sacrifice themselves on the Altar of Idiot, the white car driver just cuts across the divider and slowly ambles onto the exit, having successfully made the world that much worse.

Driver Gets Away

Don’t worry about that driver. Karma will hit him back hard someday.

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