Syrian Rebels Watch As A Missile Lands on Them

They say ‘don’t run away from your problems’, well, these men did just that.



Look in the sky, it’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s OH SH*T!


men scrambling on the ground


Video taken from somewhere above shows men scrambling on the ground. They were running around, looking at the sky, and a gun can be seen firing onto the sky too.

A car can be seen heading out, but people most people stayed where they were standing. 54 seconds into the video, a missile landed and everything went to chaos. The camera flew away but was later picked up, so we can assume the man filming is alive. He can be heard saying the famous Islamic phrase “Allahu Akbar”.


Syrian Rebels Watch As A Missile Lands on Them


The video cuts to another angle, this time showing a man shooting at the missile. Moments before the missile landed, they can be seen looking up calmly.

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