Horrifying moment toddler’s leg snaps as his mother takes him down a slide on her lap

This is the horrifying moment a toddler’s leg snapped while his mum took him down a slide on her lap. Shona Keetley, 26, from Cleethorpes, East Lincolnshire, was on a family day out with her partner James, 31, and their 18-month old son George at Rand Farm Park in Lincolnshire.





Squeezing in one last ride before heading home, Shona decided to take George down the indoor slide while James filmed. In the footage Shona can be seen with holding George’s hands as they prepare to head down the multi-coloured bumpy slide.



At first George is beaming with happiness as shoots down the slide, with mother Shona protectively behind him. But then you hear an unnerving crack as the toddler’s leg snaps when it is bent under his mum.



As Shona goes to pull George up he begins wailing- clearly in pain. The toddler suffered an unlucky injury on a slide which brings some many kids so much joy- but hasn’t let a broken leg slow him down. George can be seen in the next clip walking with blue cast on his right leg and clutching a letter.



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