Is this the worst parenting ever? Man takes on bull with a child in his arms

This is the astonishing moment a man takes on a bull with a young child in his arms. Stunned bystanders look on in disbelief as the father waves a cape in front of the animal with one hand and holds on to his child with the other.



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The shocking incident happened on the island of Terceira, part of Portugal’s Azores. Helpless, the small boy is thrown from side to side as his matador father desperately tries to dodge the raging animal. It comes as Spain’s bull running festival in Pamplona left one person gored and four other injuries. Anti-bullfighting association Basta said it had lodged a formal complaint with Portugal’s National Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Children and Young Peoples’ Rights over the Azores incident.



It also called on the local authorities to identify the man carrying the child, thought to be his father. The pair were said to have been filmed during an annual festival in Casa da Ribeira, a village in the municipality of Santa Cruz where a bull is let loose on the streets tied to a long rope as part of the festivities.



Basta described the incident in a statement as a ‘situation of total irresponsibility and a clear violation of the legislation that protects children in Portugal, as well as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.’



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