Ref Gets Jumped by the Players He’s Supposed to Control

I guess he made the wrong call.



A Sunday morning game between R.A.W. Athletics of Chicago and the Houston Raptors in Atlanta took a turn when a fight erupted between players and a referee.

Details are unclear at this time, but despite the caption on the above videos there is conflicting information on what sparked the brawl. Video appears to show players attacking a referee unprovoked — but other accounts indicate things might have been different.


I guess he made the wrong call.


According to accounts of the incident, a late technical foul called led to players of R.A.W. Athletics to get violent with one of the officials.

In an article on, R.A.W. Athletics head coach Howard Martin pins the blame on one of the officials after reportedly attacking one of the players.


Ref Gets Jumped by the Players He's Supposed to Control


Houston Raptors head coach Bobby Benjamin on the other hand, said that it was Martin’s team that sparked the riot.

Tournament organizer Josh Miley said that a ban will be served to anyone found culpable, whether it be players, coaches, or even referees.

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