Now that’s a swinging bridge! Chinese tourists flock to shake each other off a wobbly footpath

A game that takes place on a wobbly bridge in central China has shot to fame as visitors to put their balance and body coordination to the extreme test. The tourist spot, Shuoping Flower Field, in Ruzhou city features a swinging bamboo bridge built just above a shallow pond. Fearless visitors are invited to form two teams and try to shake their opponents off the rickety bridge and into the water.



The challenge has become a massive hit on Chinese social media recently, with millions of net users sharing their desperate yet hilarious attempts of staying dry. A trending topic page, called Swinging-Laughing Bridge, has since been viewed more than 20 million times. The bridge is currently being featured on a reality show on Hunan Television, where guests are invited to face-off against each other during the segment aired every weekend.




Members of the public are also invited to the taping in Henan province if they are not afraid of embarrassing themselves on national television. Video footage filmed by onlookers shows brave contestants standing with their legs wide apart, vigorously swaying their opponents from side to side while trying their very best to keep their balance. Others who decided to tackle the challenge in a sitting position were seen desperately clutching onto the sides of the bridge while being pounded repeatedly on the bamboo plates. Participants who were less lucky in the hot-blooded match were filmed splashing into the pond after loosing their footing, leaving them drenched.




In the end, it was all for a good laugh. The Shuoping Flower Field first opened to the public in October 2014 and features a variety of stunning blooms stretching across 39,600 acres. The popular tourist spot also houses one of China’s largest plant and herb breeding centres. The tourist destination attracted an average of 60,000 visitors during the Golden Week holiday last October, according to Henan Broadcasting Network.

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