Old Man Finds Out About Brain Tumor After Getting Punched In The Face By Drunk Shopper

A man in Tampa entered a convenience store around 3:30 am to buy alcohol. The store clerk, David Miller, told the man that they stop selling alcohol at 3 am and that it was too late to buy. The customer became confrontational toward the store clerk eventually punching him in the face.

In the video, the two men are seen in what escalates into a verbal altercation for about a minute. After Miller returned the alcohol to a cooler, he told the suspect to leave the store. That’s when things got physical.

Suspects Confronts Old Man

The suspect, wearing patterned shorts, a black T-shirt, white socks, and a cap, fled from the Marathon store on foot and was seen walking south on Channelside Drive, according to police.

Because he took a blow to the head, a CT scan was run to make sure there wasn’t real damage. The scan revealed that Miller had a small benign brain tumor which will be treated at an early stage rather than when it has progressed to where treatments might not work as well. Miller said, “My God turns evil to good.”

Suspect Punches Man In Head

Talk about a blessing in disguise.

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