Heart stopping moment concrete power post falls on family’s car

This is the terrifying moment a family a concrete power pole fell onto a family’s car. Natchawan Sangmuan, 41, was in the front passenger seat with husband Sittikorn Gnamwan, 40, and son Parattakorn, eight, in the back as they drove alongside a new highway being built in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand as they left home for a weekend away. But mid-way through the journey a cement mixer appears to pull over a concrete post holding power cables which plunges into the windscreen of their white Toyota saloon.



Horrifying dash cam footage, which has the wrong date mark, captures Natchawan screaming in the May 25 accident, which has left her in a neck brace ever since. The mother-of-one said today that her son had ‘blood pouring down his legs’ after being cut by shards of flying glass and her husband was also injured. The family are now furious that the construction firm in charge of the road have only offered them 50,000 baht (£1,140) in compensation which they turned down claiming it is not even enough to cover the cost of damage to the car.




Natchawan, who released the footage this week after starting legal proceedings against the construction firm, said: ‘We were going on a weekend away as a family and it turned into a nightmare. ‘As we drove along the motorway a cement truck on the construction site knocked over a concrete pole and it fell onto our car. ‘There was nothing we could do. My husband did his best to get the car out of danger so it did not cause a bigger accident.’ Natchawan said that after she was pulled from the wreckage she felt a ‘sharp pain in her neck and chin’. She said: ‘I have been wearing a neck cast since the accident’ ‘The construction company only offered 50,000THB compensation which barely covers the total cost of the damage. ‘We are still injured and we have had to miss work and pay for medical bills. The construction company only visited once in hospital. They don’t care about me.’




Natchawan said she has now started civil proceedings against the construction firm claiming that the driver of the cement truck was working unsupervised. She added: ‘The driver is supposed be assisted by a co-driver but he was alone. ‘My concern is that the government can allow a negligent company like this to be handling a road construction. They have put road users safety at risk.’

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