Diving Instructor Saves Partner From Tiger Shark Attack As The 100-Pound Beast Swam Between His Legs

This vigilant diver intervened in the nick of time, stepping in the prevent a potential shark attack after a fellow diver made the fatal error of turning his back on the creature.

Conducting a tour of Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, diving instructor Eli Martinez had come to the end of his session when a fellow diver, Joe Wong, began retreating back to the boat.

Shark Swims Near Divers

Still surrounded by a number of hefty tiger sharks, inexplicably Joe abandons basic shark-diving practice by turning his back on one of the 1000-pound beasts – named Hook – who makes an opportunistic swoop towards him, jaws agape.

Selflessly launching himself into the shark’s path, Eli grabs Hook by the nose and pushes her away from Joe, preventing a potentially fatal incident.

Diving Instructor Saves Partner

Now, why would you turn your back on a 100-pound beast?

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