Croatian Firefighters Miss Ivan Rakitic’s Match-Winning Penalty After Emergency Siren Goes Off

It was an incredibly dramatic end to Croatia’s quarterfinal triumph over Russia on Saturday evening, with Ivan Rakitic’s penalty securing progression in the penalty shootout.

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It looks to have been an even more dramatic scene in this Croatian fire department, with these Croatian firefighters showing a commendable commitment to their duty.

Croatian Firefighters During Penalty Kick

Just as Rakitic makes his way towards the penalty area, the alarm goes off to send them into immediately organized chaos. Sprinting to their equipment, the firemen suit up while the fire engines roar into life, and within seconds they’re out the door and on their way.

Firefighters Scramble

Three men are left behind having done their bit in deploying the fire engines and get back to the television that the men were huddled around just in time to enjoy the wild celebrations just as Rakitic’s penalty is buried into the Russian net.

Within Seconds They Are Off

While the video makes for fascinating viewing, it has also been used by the department as a reminder to remain safe if using objects such as flares or fireworks to celebrate the victory.

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