Monkey Punches Girl In Face At Zoo For Taunting Him With Food

A monkey has been caught on video punching a little girl in the face as she and her mother fed the animal. Shocking footage, filmed inside a Chinese zoo, shows the monkey planting a left hook on the girl whose accompanying adult is feeding the animal morsels.

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But it seems food wasn’t enough. This monkey wanted to show the world life isn’t a walk in the park within its confines.

In the video, the pair are seen crouched down feeding the animal, who seems completely at ease, but within seconds, it decides enough is enough, thumping the toddler right in the chops, knocking her off balance:

Little Girl Teases Monkey With FOod

It’s believed the girl ‘teased’ the monkey by offering and then withdrawing a piece of food in front of the animal.

So what next, do they sue the zoo? I suppose you could? It isn’t known how lethal the punch was and if it caused any considerable damage.

Monkey Punches Little Girl

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