Man breaks a diving board after his family and friends encourage him to take the leap

A man’s attempt at diving into a swimming pool fell flat when the spring board beneath him broke as he made the drop. Footage shows the middle-aged man standing on a diving board, with his family and pet dog surrounding him.





He looks down towards the swimming pool and says: ‘I’m scared’. The children around him then start to encourage the man to take the leap, shouting: ‘Come on!’ and ‘Do it!’. The terrified man jumps into the air and falls towards the diving board in a seated position, hoping this will spring him into the water.



However as he lands back on the board in preparation for his big dive the plastic snaps beneath him. Instead of granting him a majestic plunge the broken board simply tips the man inelegantly into the water.



He falls in face first with a splash as the crowd behind the camera burst into laughter. It is unclear where the footage was filmed or when it was taken.



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