Young siblings both dangle down a window grille by the neck

Two young siblings were spotted crying for help after getting their heads trapped in an anti-theft window outside their home in south-west China. Footage filmed by an onlooker shows a sister and her younger brother dangling from a first-floor balcony by the neck at about 10 feet high after having slipped through the metal bars on Tuesday.





It’s said that the children had been left at home unattended by their parents who had gone out to play card games. Video footage of the incident in Chongqing province’s Zhong county shows the children swaying dangerously from side to side as horrified residents watched on.



They quickly grabbed a large bed sheet and situated it below the siblings in case they fell. Two men immediately brought out three ladders and tried to reach the children. Standing at the very top step of the ladders, the brave men lifted up the pair and attempted to push them between the metal bars back into their home.



It’s reported that the siblings were trying to look for their parents after waking up from a nap. It’s believed that the children were rescued thanks to their neighbours.



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