Florida Man Chases Down His Neighbor With Tractor

The bizarre moment an angry elderly man in Florida tried to run over his neighbor with a tractor was caught on cellphone video, leading to the man’s arrest. Police in St. John’s County released the video on Monday showing the man, identified as 72-year-old Howell Morris, sitting behind the wheel of a red tractor as he drives it towards his terrified neighbor, who is seen running away.





According to News 4 Jax, Morris had gotten into an argument with 53-year-old Scott Lynch and decided to run the man over. In the footage, captured by Lynch’s wife, Morris drives the tractor in the direction of Lynch as he flees down his own driveway. At one point, Lynch stops running and looks behind him to see the tractor getting closer. He then takes off running again.



Lynch told police he had to run for his life and feared that if he stopped Morris would mow him down. He sad he had to hide in his garage and shut the door to avoid being run over by the tractor. Lynch also said that Morris was screaming ‘run, fat a**’ as he fled. Morris was arrested and booked into the St. John’s County jail on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, News 4 Jax reports. Authorities said they used the cellphone video to track down Morris and arrest him. He was released after posting his $2,500 bond.



Police also released the 911 calls Lynch’s wife made the day of the incident. In one recording she told the dispatcher that Morris was trying to destroy her and her husband’s property. ‘It’s our property. It’s our easement. He thinks he has a right to it, but he’s destroying stuff on it and blocking our driveway,’ she said, according to the outlet. Morris, a veteran, was ordered to have no contact with his neighbors.



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