Cat Steals The Show During Live TV Interview With Polish Academic

What should have been a serious interview about political tensions in Poland has become an Internet sensation after a leading academic was upstaged by his attention-seeking cat.

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Dr. Jerzy Targalski, a leading Polish academic, and a former anti-communist opposition activist was giving an interview to Dutch television broadcaster NTR when his cat Lisio decided he wanted to get in on the action.

The ginger cat, who was sat on a table next to where Dr. Targalski was being interviewed, placed a paw on his owner’s shoulder before climbing up his back and onto his shoulders.

Cat Climbs On Top Of Man

He then starting affectionately licking and rubbing against the academics ear before wrapping his tail around his face and surveying the room.

Ever the professional, Dr. Targalski did not break his stride in his interview as he argued that all spheres of life in Poland are still controlled by people from the former Security Service, even though he was forced to hold Lisio’s tail to prevent it from covering his face.

Cat Doesnt Care

Cats in a nutshell.

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