Racist White Man Yells Racial Slurs At Black Verizon Employee After Being Told He Doesn’t Have Enough Money For A Phone

When a white customer didn’t get his way at a Verizon store in San Francisco, he exposed his true colors in a fit of petulant rage.

The man went into the store hoping to get a new phone under his family’s plan, but when he couldn’t provide the required PIN number and cash to pay for the phone, the Verizon employee––who happened to be African American––couldn’t assist him. The furious customer took to the streets and hurled a few racial slurs at the employee and even dropped the N-word. The black Verizon employee managed to capture the tantrum on video.

The enraged man yelled, “You won’t take my money! N*gger, you hear me?”

The employee can be heard responding, “I’m a n*gger? He called me a n*gger!”

White Man Screams Racial Slurs At Verizon Employee

One bystander confronted the racist and asked why he kept dropping N-bombs in public. He responded with a rather puzzling contradiction, “Because he’s a n*gger and he’s disrespecting the entire black race!”

The white bystander replied, “You’re a fat f*ck, how about that?”

White Man Confronts Racist

After watching the viral video, Twitter users encouraged white people to continue confronting racists like the one in the video.

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