Clumsy man makes a spectacular splash after trying to get on and off a boat

A clumsy lad made a spectacular splash after showing off his unique way of getting on and off a boat in a hilarious clip. The unfortunate lad wearing swimming trunks goes to step on the roof of the boat from the dock but immediately skids and falls onto his back.





Then he slides from the roof before clattering onto the cockpit below face first in the video, thought to have been filmed in The Netherlands. He gets up and goes to lean against the wall to climb back onto the dock however the pressure against the surface means that the boat begins to bob away beneath him.



Finally he inevitably falls into the water with a splash before spluttering above the surface, clearly shellshocked from his spectacular fall.



As his friends are so nonchalant about the whole thing, it makes it pretty clear that this man must be prone to accidents like this.



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