Van undertake a truck on a busy motorway spins 180 degrees and collides head-on with oncoming car

A shocking video captures the remarkable escape of a driver who hit a truck and spun 180 degrees on a motorway. At a point, the car avoids a head-on collision with an on-coming car and stops on the verge of mounting on it.





The driver was filmed near Valsad on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway in Maharashtra, India. The reckless motorist was caught on dashcam as he undertook the lorry and clipped the back end of his vehicle as he passed. It sent the small white van into a spin which left is stationary in the outside lane and facing the on-coming traffic.



Luckily the car behind which captured the footage managed to stop in time and no one was injured. The incident occurred on July 9 and the driver was later identified as Rohit Patel, a resident of Wagaldhara.



A shaken Patel got down the car and spoke to other drivers, who also halted after seeing his miraculous escape. The people on board then gets out of the car to check about the damages caused to the car due to the sudden jolt.



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