Man has his arm stuck in a squat toilet for an entire night after trying to reach his dropped keys

A man in central China spent an entire night with his arm stuck in a squat toilet after trying to reach for his keys. The man who lives alone in Jingzhou city spent six hours calling for help until a neighbour heard him the next morning and alerted emergency services. Firefighters arrived at the scene at about 6am on Sunday and had to break apart the toilet to free the man’s arm, according to Metropolis Daily.





Video footage of the rescue operation in Hubei province shows the man’s right arm completely jammed down the toilet. The man, identified as Mr Wang, was seen lying flat on his front, unable to move. He had accidentally dropped his keys in the toilet at about 11pm the night before and attempted to reach for them, but could not get his arm out due to the high pressure inside the tube. A firefighter was seen breaking the porcelain with a large hammer and a drill. After 30 minutes, firefighters freed the man. His arm was red and swollen, according to the report. He was taken to hospital for a checkup.



Squat toilets seem to pose a safety hazard in China getting a body part stuck in the toilet is apparently a common occurrence. A man in south-east China also had his entire arm stuck in a squat toilet when he tried to retrieve his phone in May.



Firefighters had to use washing-up liquid to reduce the friction while breaking the porcelain toilet to free the man’s arm. In April, a woman got her foot stuck inside a squat toilet after using a public bathroom in Nanning. Firefighters had to use cooking oil to ease her leg out of the contraption.



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