Little Girl Pushing Her Baby Brother’s Stroller Down A Steep Hill Is Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

When you decide to have a child, you unwittingly commit to never having a moment of peace ever again. They command attention at every moment, for the second you turn a blind eye, all hell breaks loose. That’s exactly what happened to one mom in China, who lived her worst nightmare whilst on a shopping trip with her young daughter and baby son.

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The shocking incident, which was caught by surveillance cameras outside the store, shows the dramatic moment the young girl lets go of her baby brother’s stroller at the top of a huge hill. Without thinking, the mom races after the runaway stroller. But, can she catch it in time? Watch the intense clip to see for yourself…

As the stroller hurtles down the hill, the young girl just watches on, surveying the carnage she has caused with no apparent concern or regret.

Little Sister Pushes Baby Brothers Stroller

As the stroller gains momentum, it’s easy to assume the worst possible outcome. However, the mom’s heroic and quick actions mean that she is able to reach her son in seconds after the stroller crashes into a concrete wall, halting it and tipping it over.

The baby boy’s head can clearly be seen contacting the dirt track as the stroller flips, but thankfully his mom is there to grab him mere mini seconds later.

Stroller Tips Over

It is reported that the boy was not seriously injured as a result of the horrific incident. However, he is no doubt rather bruised and traumatized.

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