Heavily Armed Police Storm Plane After Pilot Told Everyone They Were Being Hijacked

New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport was put on lockdown after a grounded plane sent out a distress signal alerting the authorities that there was a hijacker on board. And, all hell really did break loose.

The traumatic incident began after a stricken signal was sent by JetBlue flight 1623 as it was grounded on the tarmac – but that was only just the beginning of the passengers’ turbulent journey. The flight, which was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles, was quickly surrounded by armed SWAT members and police officers, who demanded that the confused and terrified passengers keep their hands in the air.

As chaos erupted on the plane, the pilot tried to restore the peace. However, it was to no avail, despite the fact that the plane was not being hijacked. Instead, it had been suffering a radio signal failure. In his attempt to remedy the situation, the pilot sent a signal to air traffic control – however, he pressed the wrong button and instead informed them that his plane was being hijacked.

Pilot Let Out Hijack Warning

In an attempt to fix his mistake, he allegedly held up a piece of paper to the cockpit window with his telephone number scrawled on it, asking that the police ring him – but, that only made matters worse. When air traffic control couldn’t contact the plane’s pilot, they became concerned and 30 minutes later an armed response team was on the scene.

Police Storm Plane

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