Someone Come Get Their Dad! — Drunk Man Dances Pool Side At Las Vegas Hotel

It’s been a long-running meme, and truth, that dads aren’t as cool as they think they are. Whether it’s the corny dad jokes, their sense of fashion, or just general lack of smoothness — dads can’t pull it off.

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Take for example this very drunk dad who just can’t seem to get out of the pool — or is performing a strange dance. The video shows a man, wearing nothing but a white speedo, clinging to the pool’s handle as he thrusts his hips side-to-side in some kind of drunken dance.

Drunk Man Dancing On Pool

But he doesn’t stop there, this dad has a few more dances moves up his swimming trunks as he turns around and gives us a little twerk (???) — or whatever you call this move…

Weird Dance Moves

That was the most dad thing ever.

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