Guy Gets Knocked Out Cold While Trying To Show-Off!

He got knocked out quickly.


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We all know what happens when you underestimate your opponent, but watching it happen is always much better.




In the video, two men can be seen squaring up on the streets while several people watch on the sides. It seems like the guy in blue was trying to show off, taking hits from his opponent without punching back. I’m not sure if he was escaping the punches, he was absorbimg the pain, or he wants people to think his opponent is weak.

Unfortunately for him, one of the punches hit him in the chest and he fell knocked out to the ground. That punch was strong you can even hear the sound it made when it hit.




I am not pro violence, but if you’re going to fight on the streets, make sure to hit back. You see, most of the time, being a show-off results to shame.

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