Don’t drink and hover! Man with beer falls hard off of hoverboard

A man in Amherst, New York got a bit too confident on a hoverboard, and things literally took a turn for the worse. In a video shared on June 8, a man drinking a beer on the device came out of a spin only to land flat of his back, with an alarmingly loud crash.





The moment was caught on camera by another person in the home, who watched the whole thing happen in a spacious kitchen with hardwood floors. Before he falls, the man seems like a professional on the hoverboard, casually sipping from his beer can while slowly turning in circles. Meanwhile, a bit of a discussion can be heard about whether the amusing object should even be called a ‘hoverboard.’ ‘It’s not a hoverboard,’ a man says, from just off camera. ‘It’s not hovering. It’s a wheeled board.’



While this debate is taking place, the man holding the beer on the motorized device is spinning in circles, faster and faster. When he stops, it seems like all the circling put him a bit of balance, because he moves forward for a mere moment before he comes tumbling down. We see him from the back as his feet go out from under him and he crashes onto the floor, flat on his back. The camera catches him for just a moment, splayed out, before the person taking the video rushes over to see if he’s OK.



Another voice can be heard saying, ‘You just hit your head so f***ing hard, man.’ The rider clarifies, though, that it wasn’t actually his noggin that took the brunt of his less-than-elegant landing. ‘It’s not really my head, it was my back,’ he said. Let that be a lesson that drinking and ‘hovering’ is probably a bad idea.



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