Savage: Old Woman Caught Driver Littering At The Red Light So She Opened And Gave Back Her Trash!

This gangster granda went savage mode when she saw a woman littering at red light.



Most people would just shake their head when they see someone throw garbage just anywhere. But unlike most people, this old lady felt she had to do something for mother nature.




“Take it home and put it in your trash! Who do you think is gonna pick it up here?” The old lady can be seen handing the garbage while talking to someone inside the car. “Nobody! It just destroys the planet!” She also answered her own question.

In response to the old lady’s act, a woman from inside the car said, “you just opened up my door?” The old lady then walked away, probably not wanting to hear any reason argument from her.




To the lady inside the car, why aren’t your doors locked? Ever heard of carjacking? Worse things than a Granny telling you to stop littering.

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