Las Vegas Police Bodycam Footage Shows Officer Fire Through Windscreen In Dramatic Car Chase

Las Vegas police on Monday released dramatic body camera footage of an officer firing through his own windshield as he drove in a high-speed shootout that left one homicide suspect dead.

The video clip of the incident shows the officer at the wheel grab his gun and pepper his windshield with bullets in a bid to stop the suspect from driving ahead. The chase and shootout, which occurred July 11, came after officers responded to an attempted murder call, police said.

Prior to spraying bullets through the car’s front window, an officer is heard yelling “shots fired” into his radio.

Officers In Hot Pursuit

During the pursuit the two suspects – Fidel Miranda, 23, and 30-year-old Rene Nunez – allegedly fired 34 shots at officers, according to Las Vegas’s assistant sheriff Tim Kelly, hitting several marked police vehicles. Officers responded with 32 shots and ultimately surrounded the vehicle.

Miranda was declared dead at the scene while Nunez was taken into custody and treated for an apparent gunshot wound, according to police.

Officer Fires Shots Through WIndshield

Department investigators are probing police use of force in the incident.

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