Man smashes ATM machines with a hammer after a bank security guard argued with him

A hammer-wielding man was caught on camera smashing four cash machines in a revenge attack in Hubei province, north China. The man was reportedly seeking shelter at the bank from the rain earlier in the day but was chased out by a security guard who accused him of loitering. The man held a grudge against the guard and decided to take matters into his own hands.



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The 35-year-old man, later identified to be Cai, then headed to another nearby bank and vandalised two other ATM machines. The damage to the screens was estimated to be around 70,000 yuan (£7,944). Surveillance footage from around 8pm on July 11 shows Cai storming into a China Construction Bank branch in Shijiazhuang city with a claw hammer. The man then started bashing the glass monitors of the ATMs as a horrified woman beside him fled the scene. In a rage, he proceeded to destroy the remaining three cash machines at the branch. He also smashed a glass door and left a hole in it, according to iFeng.



On his way home, Cai passed by another bank and remembered that one of the ATMs there had previously swallowed his card. He then entered the bank and destroyed two cash machines. He was arrested by police at 10am the next day, according to the report. The man from Hubei admitted to vandalism. When questioned, Cai said he had run into the bank to seek shelter from the rain and was waiting in the lobby.



A security guard thought his actions seemed suspicious and questioned him. During the argument, the guard asked Cai to leave after accusing him of loitering. Cai could not get over how offended he felt and decided to take revenge by vandalising the bank. It is unclear if Cai will be charged as police investigations are ongoing.



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