Skateboarder hits 30mph as he holds on to the back of a van and hitches a ride through London streets

This crafty skateboarder found a novel way to get around London’s busy streets. Grabbing hold of a van’s rear bumper, the dexterous man was able to hit speeds of 30mph as he made his way through Camden.





In the footage, the bearded skateboarder seems entirely relaxed as he glides behind an open-backed van as it turns off Camden High Street onto Delancey Street. Filmed from a car driving behind the skater, the video shows his hitting serious speeds as he hangs on to the back of the vehicle.



The pair recording the video certainly seem entertained. ‘Only in Camden,’ exclaims one of the men recording from inside the car. ‘What a legend,’ says the other, adding: ‘That’s how to get to work’. Passing families and drivers turn and stare as the nonchalant skateboarder glides along the road.



As he approaches a busy junction turning left onto Gloucester Gate Bridge, the skater lets go of the truck before rolling over to an Audi and reattaching himself. As he disappears into the distance the men driving the car sound their horn and shout out of the window: ‘You’re a G bruv!’ The video was posted to Facebook by Kai Richards and has been shared more than 2,500 times.



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