Wild 7ft long crocodile sends Thai police running for their lives

Terrifying footage shows the moment a wild crocodile charges at a group of rescuers trying to extract it from a pensioner’s home. The deadly seven foot-long reptile was spotted by Naang Thongcharoen, 73, walking through her garden in Uthai Thani, Thailand, at 3.30am on Tuesday.





She rang the police and rescue workers came to help corner the animal, but they scattered in all directions after it lunged at them.Footage also shows the men leaping out of the way when the crocodile tears off their makeshift leash and clambers out of their pick-up truck. It took the rescue team three hours to strap the beast down and get it into the vehicle, before releasing it into a canal 10 kilometres away.



Relieved grandmother Naang said: ‘I woke up from the couch and went to the back of the house to boil food. ‘The dog started barking at the front and I was surprised to see something crawling in the dark. ‘I used a torch to look, and was shocked when I saw it was a crocodile. I was terrified it would come in the house, so I locked myself and the dog inside and called police.’



Lieutenant Somchai Thongsri from Nong Chang police station said: ‘We think the crocodile had wandered into the woman’s home while it was looking for food.’ The freshwater animal is believed to be a critically endangered Siamese crocodile which is native to South East Asia.



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