Crowd Surfing Chick Gets Tossed Like a Ragdoll

A girl at the Warped Tour gets thrown over the security barrier. This is what happens when you put your life at the hands of human.



In the video, we can observe how fast people can come to a silent agreement when they’re all annoyed. A woman can be seen crowd surfing, though she doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere because clearly, people weren’t on board with her trip.


Crowd Surfing Chick Gets Tossed Like a Ragdoll


Three seconds into the video, more than five people throw her away. They must have put a little bit of force there sending the woman flying, hitting the barrier and falling over.


Female Crowd Surfer Gets Thrown At Warped Tour


The video cuts then so we don’t know what happened to her. Let’s just hope she’s smart enough not to do this again.

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