Lamborghini Driver Cracks His Windshield While Standing On His $200,000 Car As He Poses For A Photograph

Not content with simply revving his engine for everyone to hear, one driver decided he would go one better by posing with his Lamborghini and jumping on the windshield.

But while the vehicle may be worth $200,000, the windscreen seems to be made of something rather more cheap and plasticky. For the moment the man jumped on top of his pride and joy, the windscreen cracked and then became indented.

The man’s girlfriend heard the glass cracking and shouted at him to get down, but the man was already mid-pose by that point and decided he would stay on top of the car until the picture had been taken. After all, the damage had been done!

Man Cracks Windshield

His partner looked less than impressed and could be heard yelling at him in despair. After climbing back down into the car, the man could be seen looking humiliated as he buried his head in his hands.

Comes Back Embarassed

Man, would be great to be that rich?

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