BMW Driver Reverses Into Two Men And Then Sends One Flying Off Of His Hood In Florida Parking Lot

A shocking moment of road rage has been caught on camera at a Florida gas station. Cops said a driver of a BMW and two other men had been arguing on the road in Ormond Beach before they entered the same Sunoco branch and resumed the dispute.

In the video, the two men appear to try to remove the BMW driver from his car by opening his door and reaching inside. The driver then moves forward, but the duo follows him and walks behind his car.

He then reverses in their direction – with one of the men claiming his foot was run over. But the two men do not relent, and instead, persist in standing in front of the car and pushing it.

Road Rage Incident

At this point, the BMW drives right into one of the men, hitting him and forcing him onto the moving car’s hood before braking and sending him flying into the tarmac.

The two men could face burglary and battery charges, police said. They also wish to speak with the driver of the BMW.

Man Sent Flying

Florida: The Australia of the USA.

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