Ninja Father Saves Two Children From An Out-of-control Car With A Perfectly Timed Backflip

Like a scene from a Hollywood action film, a bike mechanic has saved his two children from being hit by a car with his incredible agility. Surveillance footage shows how the man grabbed the children from the path of the fast vehicle and rolling backwards bringing them to safety in a split second.

In less than 30 seconds, the clip shows the man squatting down and fixing a motorbike when his children were playing nearby. His fearless act and incredible moves have been hailed by thousands of web users who compared him to action stars.

The man was facing away from his children as he worked. As the children walked across the pavement, the man suddenly turned his head to look at them

Man Saves Two Children

In a split second, he got up, ran towards his children, grabbed them to his arms and rolled backward. Just as he got a hold of his children, a car is seen driving by at high speeds, missing them by inches.

The blue car then crashed into the garage.

Blue Car Crashes

That was awesome.

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