A Fence Can’t Separate This 2-year-old And A Dog From A Game Of Fetch

Two toddlers from Minnesota found a creative way to play fetch with their neighbor’s dog — despite the fence dividing their backyards.

A two-year-old – one who has a surprisingly strong arm, I may add – chucks a ball over the fence. You see a shape extend to try to catch it. Wait a moment.

A dog, much larger than the child, pokes his head up over the fence to drop the ball back to the toddler’s side.

Kid Plays Fetch

The boy – we’ll call him Alfred – doesn’t even have a tail. His legs are too short to run fast. He definitely can’t fit a tennis ball in his mouth.

But the dog on the other side, which looks like it could be a golden retriever, is happy to play with his little friend.

Dog Plays Fetch


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