Company staff put food in a urinal and eating it to prove their bathroom is clean

Staff at a food company in south-east China went the extra mile to prove that their toilet is absolutely spotless. To show that the bathroom has achieved the highest standards of sanitation, workers at a Fujian food manufacturer placed food into a urinal, tossed it around with their hands, then picked it up and ate it in front of the camera.





And as if that wasn’t odd enough, the entire department had a dining table set up inside the toilet and enjoyed a large meal. The bizarre practice in Zhangpu county is part of a training programme provided to the company’s supervisors, according to a manager. Video footage of the incident on Monday shows the company’s deputy general manager pouring a bowl of mochi glutinous rice ball dessert into the urinal.

Company staff put food


She then added some sweet toppings on the mochi and rolled the rice balls around inside the lavatory. Other workers were also seen picking up the dessert and eating them. According to Pear Video, the staff members are from Tenfu Group, a Chinese company that specialises in tea products.

Company staff put food in a urinal and EATING


They were filmed sitting at a large round table inside the bathroom and having a meal of vegetables, chicken, soup, rice and other dishes. Every time they complete the cleaning, the team members would have a meal together inside the toilet. A person claiming to be one of the company’s janitors said she had been at her job for 25 years.



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