Fight Between Two Impalas Takes A Crazy Turn

A third player enters the game.


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As two impala locked horns in the Kruger National Park they probably didn’t count on a leopard interrupting their skirmish.


Fight Between Two Impalas Takes A Crazy Turn


A group of safari-goers in South Africa stopped to watch two impala fighting in the road — and were shocked by the sudden appearance of a leopard. The video, filmed last week in Kruger National Park, shows a safari vehicle stopped on a road inside the park to observe two impala fighting on the dirt path.

As the tussle makes its way onto the road, a well-camouflaged leopard leaps out and surprises the two impala which bolt in opposite directions. From the gasps of surprise, it’s not clear who was more shocked – the impala, the tourists or the leopard who lost a meal.


Leopard Interrupts 2 Fighting Impala


The leopard is left alone to stare down the safari vehicle.

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