Wedding Guests Are Swallowed By A Sinkhole After The Floor Of The Banquet Hall Suddenly Collapses

A Chinese couple’s wedding turned into a disaster when the floor of their banquet hall collapsed, swallowing guests.

A large round table and six guests fell into the sinkhole after the floor underneath them suddenly gave way during the happy event in north China last Saturday. Shocked guests quickly pulled the trapped diners out of the pit. The accident left three guests injured.

Wedding Floor Collapses

Investigation showed the sinkhole had been triggered by leaking water pipes and thin flooring, according to Chinese reports. Mobile phone footage from the wedding shows guests, both men, and women, struggling to get out of the sinkhole.

Young children were seen standing aside as adults ran up to rescue the fallen guests.

Guest Pull Up The DIners

After receiving reports of the incident, State Administration of Work Safety in Wuji county launched an investigation.

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