Knife-Wielding Suspect Shrugs Off Beanbag Blasts From Officers, Gets Chomped On By Police K-9

Police responding to reports of a man threatening social workers with a knife were forced to use beanbag rounds when they confronted the suspect. After those had little effect, a K-9 unit was deployed and subdued the man.

Police officers in Wisconsin were forced to confront an armed suspect who allegedly chased two social workers out of his home with a knife. The 52-year-old suspect, Patrick Langreck, then approached the police officers while refusing to drop his weapon. The cops were forced to shoot at him using beanbag rounds.

Police Shoot At Suspect

But when that failed to stop him… It was time to unleash their furry weapon. A K-9 unit was dispatched to the scene and quickly took down Langreck.

K9 Takes Down Suspect

Good boy.

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