Shocking Video Shows Eight-Year-Old Boy Driving 75mph Down Highway Whilst His Parents Shout “Overtake”

Most recently that came in the form of a 29-second clip which shows an eight-year-old boy driving down a highway in Romania at speeds of 75mph.

You have to see it to believe it…

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In the shocking video, several adults can be heard shouting at the boy to “overtake” as they approach a heavy goods vehicle. As the young boy inches closer to the truck, the adults laugh hysterically, evidently unfazed by the dangerous maneuver.

They continue to film as the boy, whose feet can barely reach the pedals, swerves in and out of the lanes on the highway in Romania’s Sibiu County in the historical Transylvania region.

7 Year Old Driving On HIghway

Whilst it is unclear how many adults were in the vehicle at the time, it is thought that a man and a woman were in the car. It is believed that they are the boy’s parents.

To make matters worse, the boy drives without his seatbelt fastened as the adults call for him to “signal” and “turn”. After overtaking the truck, a woman, thought to be the child’s mother, can be heard saying: “We will practice some more, my dear.”

Parents Tell Kid To Overtake

Best parents ever.

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