When barefoot waterskiing goes wrong! Woman is flung through the air

A woman has shot through the air after a fun day out waterskiing almost went horribly wrong. In the video, believed to have been recorded this month, the woman is on Lake Mohawk, which is in Sparta, New Jersey, U.S. The woman is in a river and holding on to a pole outside of the boat.





Those with her shouted ‘Let’s do it’ and the boat’s engine roared to life. At first the woman’s stomach is facing the water before she is surrounded by white wash as she is pushed through the water. The barefoot woman then attempted to roll herself over so it appeared as though she was sitting in a chair.



However the force of the water pushed her back to her original position. Spurred on by the cheers of those around her the woman once again attempted to spin around. The woman got into the right position and held her legs in the air for a few moments before she attempted to stand and waterski.



The momentum of the boat and the sudden attempt to enter her feet into the water sent the woman flying through the air. Those around her are left in shock, wincing at the pain of impending impact on the woman onto the surface of the water. She sustained a little bruising but no major injuries.



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