Schoolboy chasing a bouncy ball on a platform is almost hit by a passing train

This is the shocking moment a schoolboy was almost killed by a train when he chased a bouncy ball on a platform. The boy bounced the ball on the ground as he walked along the platform of the train station in Sydney.



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The ball diverted towards the tracks and rolled along the concrete as the train approached. Not seeing the train, the boy chased the ball but stopped at the last minute, letting it roll on to the tracks as the train zoomed past.



Sydney Trains shared the video to warn others to be careful. A statement read: ‘With most schools kicking off Term 3 tomorrow, we thought we’d remind you just how important it is to stay safe around trains. ‘This young man almost found out the the hard way, just how quickly things can go wrong.



‘Always pay attention to your surroundings, and stay behind that yellow line! ‘We’ve got a whole bunch of useful info for school students below, and we can even come to your school for a free incursion.’



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