Watch This Mini-Tornado Wrecks Havoc On German Music Festival Camp Site

Festival-goers leaving the campsite of the Parookaville music festival in Weeze, Germany, faced an unusual interruption on July 23 from a mini-twister that swept up and swirled debris and tents in the air.

Footage uploaded to Twitter by Dennis Jogos shows the weather phenomenon swirling through the emptying campsite. Visitors to a music festival in Germany found their belongings scattered when a mini-tornado swept through a camping area.

Mini Tornada Wrecks Havoc

A video recorded at the Palookaville festival in Weeze shows the whirlwind whipping tents and other items high into the air. The footage shows campers hurrying to get themselves and their items out of the way of the twister.

The filmer said the mini-tornado formed while campers were preparing to leave at the end of the festival.
Tornada Attacks EDM Camp Site

Mini-tornadoes make EDM 10 times better.

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