Taxi driver dragged unconscious passenger out of his cab and left him lying senseless in the middle of busy London street

This is the bizarre moment a taxi driver pulls an unconscious man out of his car and leaves him prone in the middle of a London street. The footage begins with the car pulling over by the pavement and the smartly-dressed driver getting out to pull his worse-for-wear customer through the passenger door.





He seems to have second thoughts after opening the door and waves his arms around in apparent frustration before grabbing the man’s legs. The man struck his head on the vehicle as he was dragged out of by his feet and was found by an off-duty policeman around 10 minutes later. In an amazing twist, the driver, who appears to be aged in his 50s or 60s, returned to the scene in Fenchurch Place in the City of London while the man was being tended to and even spoke to the officer but did not reveal his connection to the incident.



City of London Police have released the footage and urged witnesses to come forward to identify the driver as they continue to hunt for him. He was dressed in a pale blue shirt and tan shorts and appeared to be balding with white hair.



Paramedics from the London Ambulance Service treated the man at the scene on May 16 before taking him to hospital. The driver did not tell any member of the emergency services that the victim had been in his vehicle and then left the scene again.



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