Thug punches police officer to the ground then rams his car before speeding away

This is the shocking moment a thug punches a police officer before ramming a squad car while fleeing the scene. Footage captured by witnesses shows the officer chasing the offender around a red Skoda on a street in Bradford, only to be blindsided by a punch as he ran around the front of the vehicle.





The brave officer is then seen getting a baton out of his belt and the two engage in a stand-off for a few seconds before another melee begins, in which the thug, dressed in dark clothes and socks, loses one of his sandals. A bystander wearing a green shirt then intervenes, standing between the officer and offender, only for the thug to dash into the Skoda.



After reversing into a parked car, the offender rammed the police vehicle and then drove off along a footpath. In a second piece of footage showing the vehicle fleeing the scene, the clearly frustrated officer appears to remonstrate with the member of the public who got involved before inspecting the damage to his car.



West Yorkshire Police confirmed one of its officers was assaulted in Grantham Road, Bradford, and was taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries.



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