CCTV footage shows man being stripped, cuffed, beaten and then deliberately mown down by a car

This is the shocking moment a man is beaten up and then deliberately mown down by a car in the middle of the day. The victim is kneed three times in the face and has his hooded top pulled over him so he is unable to avoid the car which ploughs into him seconds later. Miraculously he managed to survive the attack, which was captured on CCTV last Friday at 12.31pm.



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West Midlands Police are now investigating the incident, which took place in Kings Heath in Birmingham, and have arrested the 27-year-old motorist. Footage of the attack, which appears to have come from a security camera attached to one of the houses on the street, was put on social media on Wednesday night. In the 36-second clip, two men are seen fighting in the street as one of them gestures towards the driver of the car, which is out of shot.



The man forces his rival’s face downwards and knees him three times before grabbing hold of the his hooded top and pulling it over his head. As the victim, who has also had his trousers pulled down, struggles to regain his balance, the man appears to deliberately line him in front of a dark blue car which suddenly comes into view. One of those viewing the CCTV footage on the video uploaded onto social media says ‘He holds him in the way to get knocked over, you can see the car coming down now. He’s lining him up.’



The vehicle then careers into the victim, sending him hurtling into someone’s front, before tipping on to its side. The man who had been fighting with the victim looks back but calmly walks off. It is not yet known whether he has been quizzed by police.



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