Onlookers Stunned As Queen’s Guard Sends Ignorant Tourist Flying With Hard Push

You should also know if you’re planning to visit that, contrary to what popular movies might have you believe about the Queen’s Guard, they are actually allowed to physically move you out of their way.

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One female tourist learned this the hard way when she was practically shoved to the ground by a marching member of the Queen’s Guard.

The woman, dressed in yellow, was posing for a picture and can be seen in the video standing directly in the soldier’s path before being swiftly pushed to the side. The guard then continues with the drill as onlookers watch from behind a rope.

Woman Tourist In Guards Way

According to an army spokesman, the tourist was told four times to refrain from interrupting the soldier while he performed his duties after she touched his arm, rifle and bearskin hat.

After being pushed by the Guard, the woman falls forward, then screams in utter shock.

Tourist Pushed By Queens Guard

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