Is this dog singing Britney Spears’s song ‘Toxic’? Netizens think so

While recently a dog had impressed reality television judge Simon Cowell by singing on America’s Got Talent, there seems to be another singing dog video that has gone viral on social media.

Netizens speculate that the dog named Riley is singing American singer Britney Spears’s popular song Toxic.

Alongside the video, Hardin wrote: “Is it just me or does Riley sound like he’s singing ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears?” Did he need to ask? The pooch is clearly singing the 2003 hit.

Dog Sings Toxic

It didn’t take long before the hilarious clip went viral, accumulating over two million views in just a couple of days. It turns out people are really impressed by the pooch’s vocal abilities.

Now, all we need is for the real Britney Spears to agree to do a collaboration with the talented canine.

Dog Doing Britney

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