Mates Pull Epic Prank On Their Friend — Places Chewing Gum On Pal’s Mouth While He Takes A Nap

A man was unwittingly caught up in a hilarious stag do prank that saw him chew his mate’s gum for hours – all the way to Magaluf.

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Groom-to-be Jamie Baker, 28, couldn’t stop laughing as he videoed the hijinks between his brother, Rhys Baker and his mate, Jake Sandiford, both 19, on their way to his stag do in the party destination. Daring Rhys stealthily slid his used gum into Jake’s gob as he slept open-mouthed in the middle of the flight on July 12.

But the smooth prank was escalated to another level when an air stewardess woke Jake up to move his feet from the aisle and the bleary-eyed lad absent-mindedly started chewing the gum.

Mates Puts Gum On Friends Mouth

He even offered the group a cheeky grin as they burst into laughter around him.

Jamie claims it wasn’t until the group had landed in Magaluf and boarded a coach that they revealed the deception to unwitting Jake – and he branded them ‘disgusting’.

He Chews The Gum

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